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Atlas builds relationships. Relationships are the foundation of every project we undertake. Whether it’s referrals that have led to new business or long-term connections forged with clients, design-team members, and local government officials, Atlas knows that the people involved in a project matter just as much as site plans and building materials.

Taking the client’s initial project vision and understanding their goal for the build, Atlas works to guide them in making key decisions through a collaborative approach with the entire design team.

This does not end with project delivery; Atlas maintains a long-term relationship, providing ongoing support, addressing any concerns, and ensuring continued client satisfaction.

Our Services

Preconstruction Services

Partnering with a client well before breaking ground consistently saves them time and money. A thorough and well-planned preconstruction phase sets the stage for a successful construction project.

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Construction Management

As your construction manager, Atlas Building Company perpetually creates a cohesion between the design professionals, the project owner, and the project team through open lines of communication.

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For clients who prefer a single point of contact for all phases of the Project, including planning, architecture, engineering, construction and commissioning, Atlas offers a design-build delivery method.

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Atlas Globe LogoAtlas Commitments.


Atlas Building Company prides itself on its commitment to provide clarity in the construction process. By doing so, all parties clearly understand the client’s goals, and objectives, the timeline and budget. This approach cultivates trust, enabling informed decision-making and fostering strong client-contractor relationships.

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Atlas Globe LogoAtlas Commitments.

Process Focused

Atlas has created a proprietary process for construction management. This system is repeated every week for every project to measure over 25 specific data points. This unique and refined process allows for any project to undergo a deep and efficient review of all aspects of the job. Whether reviewing schedules, budgets, architectural drawing revisions or subcontractor performance, the Atlas process will capture those insights and seamlessly incorporates them into the build process. The outcome produces predictable results that clients can be confident that when they contract with Atlas, they will receive their project on time and on budget.